All Saints
Admission Overview


In accordance with Christian philosophy, no student will be denied admission solely because of sex, race, color, national origin.

Admission shall not be based solely on ability or achievement.

New pupils must show evidence of immunization and must present a birth certificate, a requirement of the State of Ohio Sec. 3313.72. A pupil, at the time of his/her initial entry to a public or nonpublic school, shall present to the person in charge of admission, a copy of the original certificate of birth with seal.  All parents of children entering school for the first time must present a baptismal certificate, if applicable, in addition to the birth certificate.

Kindergarten children must be five by September 30th.

Before students are officially accepted into the school, they must provide a transcript of their grades and may be given a placement examination. Those displaying a need for specialized education, which SACS is not capable of providing, may be declined admission. Upon receipt of a $50.00 deposit, a place will be held for the student, per the admission selection policy, until all forms are received.

Students must be in good behavior standing from their prior school. 
SACS is dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. 


Registration is held on a yearly basis. Parents are expected to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00. 

The order of preference for admission into grades PK-8 is listed below.

The following admission policy must be met in order to qualify enrollment:
  • Tuition must be current to enroll. If tuition is not current, arrangements must be made with the Business Manager (Susan McAbee).
  • Tuition must be paid in full, from the previous school year, to enroll for the following school year. 
  • The $50.00 registration fee, and registration paperwork, must be complete in order to reserve a spot for the following school year.
  • All Specialized Education Plans must be given to the school office to review prior to enrollment.  
  • A waiting list will be created for classes with more than 25 students at the time of enrollment.


A Parish member is one who participates in the life of the Parish and should be the following:

  1. Registered.
  2. Attends St. Ann / Sacred Heart Church for Weekend Liturgies.
  3. Contributes to the life of the parish with time, talent and resources.
  4. Uses Sunday offertory envelopes.

The Sunday envelopes are provided at no cost to the parishioner as a convenience and an incentive to each registered family.  Our records indicate that you are registered, but we have been unable to track your Mass attendance through your offertory envelopes.  All that is being asked is that you drop an envelope in the collection basket, even if it is empty, so that we may confirm your ability to continue to receive the parishioner discount on tuition.  If you need to begin receiving envelopes, please contact the parish office.

If you are a member of another Catholic Church, please let us know which parish you are registered at.

The most important activity for a member of St. Ann Catholic Church is to attend one of the three weekend Masses every Saturday or Sunday.  This is what really makes a person a member of a parish.  Everything else follows from this.

This is being done so that we can better fulfill the purpose of having a Catholic School, which is to prepare students to take an active role in Parish life as they grow up.


St. Ann Finance Committee

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